Customer Onboarding

We handle all the heavy lifting

Let's face it, changing the way you operate can be challenging. We recognize that you have

Staging ground onboarding
Step #1
Staging Ground
Once the contract is signed, GovPort will set up a staging ground for all existing documentation. Clients can then drag their current folders and files into this staging ground, ensuring minimal disruption to their current operations.
Documentation import
Step #2
Documentation Import
With the client's existing file and folder structure in place, GovPort imports them into a unique instance. Upon upload, GovPort automatically tags each document by type, expiration date, and subcontractor, handling all the heavy lifting to ensure a seamless day-one experience.
Internal Training
Step #3
Internal Training
GovPort will conduct an internal training session for the client's users, recording it for future reference. Multiple sessions can be arranged if needed.
Subcontractor Onboarding
Step #4
Subcontractor Onboarding
GovPort will train and onboard each subcontractor through a 30-minute virtual meeting, covering platform use, adding team members, and responding to requests.
Ongoing Support
Step #5
Ongoing Support
Congratulations, you are now fully live with GovPort! You will be assigned a dedicated resource to handle all future questions, training sessions, and manage your annual renewal.