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In the rapidly evolving landscape of government contracting, ensuring subcontractor compliance can feel like a full-time job. Enter GovPort, the next evolution of subcontractor management, crafted to cater to every nuance of your operation.

How It Works

Sign On

Create an account for your business on GovPot

Onboard your team

GovPort provides white glove onboarding to set up your team, your subs, and your 1099s — all with their own personalized dashboard

Streamline your process

Next time you onboard a new sub, invite them to GovPort. Make your data call about how you’ll accomplish the work, not about collecting documentation

Automated reminders

GovPort will automate reminders for subcontractors to update their documentation, and flag to you if there are any issues.
The Vault

What Can GovPort Track?

FEINs, UEIs, CAGE codes
Reps & Certs
Certificates of Insurance
DD 254s
... and more!
GovForce vault mockup for government contract artifact tracking
Sometimes it's the little things

Features Our Contract Teams Love

Single-Click Access Management

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Centralized Communication Hub

Automated Document Reminders

Document Expiry Alerts

Custom Labels
for Files

Teaming Requirement Tracking

And much more!

Subcontractor Portal

Subcontractors and 1099s can effortlessly update documents, ensuring their profiles remain current without a single email from you.

Automated Alerts

Our system sends timely notifications about document expiries, task deadlines, or other compliance needs directly to subcontractors, so they always know what's next.

Centralized Workspace

A dedicated space for subcontractors and 1099s allows them to view their tasks, upload necessary documents, and check their compliance status anytime, anywhere.

Transparent Communication Channels

Open lines of communication ensure subcontractors can raise queries, seek clarifications, or share updates, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Empower Your Subcontractors & Save Yourself Time

With GovPort, we're redefining subcontractor management. Instead of a continuous back-and-forth, our subcontractor software enables your subs to be proactive and self-reliant.

Experience a shift from micromanagement to empowerment. With GovPort, subcontractors don’t just work for you — they work with you.
Elevate Your Confidence with GovPort

Risk Management, Compliance, & Audit-Readiness

Navigating the intricate labyrinth of government contracting demands more than diligence — it calls for proactive risk management, steadfast compliance, and unwavering audit-preparedness. With GovPort, these aren't just features, they're promises.
Proactive Risk Management
Visualize Risks
Easily identify artifacts nearing their expiration date, ensuring timely renewals.
Automated Alerts
Receive instant notifications on potential compliance discrepancies before they escalate.
Unified Document View
No more sifting through countless files; access all related documents by subcontractor in one centralized space.
Steadfast Compliance
Self-Managed Subcontractors
Empower subs and 1099s with their own portal, fostering accountability and ensuring they remain compliant.
Document Retention Adherence
Align effortlessly with policy requirements, guaranteeing every document is preserved as mandated.
Flowdown Mastery
Streamline your flowdown management, ensuring each contract is aligned and compliant with overarching requirements.
Unwavering Audit-Preparedness
Secure File Vault
Centralized, secure, and structured — ensuring auditors have swift access to everything they need.
Transparent Audit Trails
Monitor every action, download, and change, maintaining a pristine record of who did what and when.

At GovPort, we believe in more than just tools – we build for peace of mind.

Navigate your contracts confidently, knowing that risks are managed, compliance is ensured,
and audits are just another day at the office.
Upcoming Product Features

Shape Our Product Roadmap - Your Voice Matters

We believe in co-creating the future of GovPort with our customers. Have an idea for a feature or see room for improvement? We're all ears. Share your insights, and let's craft the future of subcontractor management together.

Revolutionary Sub View

Step beyond the constraints of contract-centric management. Our upcoming Sub View empowers you to manage compliance either by subcontractor or contract, adapting seamlessly to your business dynamics.

Reps & Certs Verification

Introducing a streamlined approach to track, verify, and display reps & certs, designed to simplify reporting on teaming requirements across all contracts.

Instant Audit-Ready Reports

Stay consistently ahead with GovPort's one-click audit-ready reports, ensuring timely compliance and efficiency.

Task Ownership & Approvals

Keep your projects on track by clearly defining subcontractor responsibilities. This feature will allow you to manage ownership of project tasks, then monitor and record approvals among subs and within your own team, ensuring transparency in the deliverables process.

Headcount Visualization

Informative decisions require lucid insights. Our upcoming feature offers a live visual snapshot of vital headcount metrics — distinguishing between essential and non-essential personnel, subcontractors, and employees, anytime you need it.